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June 24 2017

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WATCH: Charlie Hunnam On James Bond RumorsWATCH: Charlie Hunnam On James Bond RumorsWATCH: Charlie Hunnam On James Bond RumorsWATCH: Charlie Hunnam On James Bond RumorsWATCH: Charlie Hunnam On James Bond Rumors
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..the Shakira Law to rule them all..
Definitely no fake news!!!!
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looketh at mah faceh roz
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June 23 2017

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Sea of rubble, Old Town Market Square; by Świerczyński,1945   
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Camera falls off an airplane
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you know what, trying to figure out headlines sense in german on soup, after years of having no contact with german language is like solving rebuses :p
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Wiem że koniec roku macie, więc taka przestroga mała.
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